Monday, November 9, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

Two days ago the racing world witnessed history. Two days ago 58,000 screaming, crying, awe struck fans watch as Zenyatta sent a crack through out the planet. Two days ago Zenyatta became the first female to win the Breeders Cup Classic EVER, and all we can do is bicker about who will be name Horse of the Year. Just one question, Seriously?!

Are we seriously debating Horse of the Year when it is still two months away from being announced, when we just saw history made? We have a horse, a FILLY who just became one of the greatest racehorses of all time male or female, and all we can do is argue until we turn blue in the face about which horse is greater or who will be Horse of the Year. People, please, just stop and smell the dang roses and soak in the reality of what just happened.

Before the Classic I knew Zenyatta was a great horse, but I had thought she had lost as step since last year. I thought the Zenyatta of last year was better than this year, and that this year's version would not be able to win the Classic. Zenyatta to me was great, but not an all time great, not one for the ages. By winning she proved to me and countless others that she was not just great but a gift from god. Jockey Mike Smith said it best when he told the world she is God's filly.
I admit that even watching the Classic I did not scream my lungs out, cry, get goose bumps, or stare in awe at the T.V. screen. The only horse that has ever evoked such emotion from me was Rachel Alexandra, once in the Haskell and then again with her beautiful determined victory in the Woodward. My point is though Zenyatta does not evoke extreme emotion from me she has my complete respect. I know how great she is and that she just catapulted herself into the stratosphere after her legendary win in the Classic.

With her win she stopped the planet, she made the earth quake, and volcanoes erupt. Zenyatta and her connections deserve to have a couple days of peace, where they just get congrats and fan mail about how fantastic their filly is. They need a few days to just soak in the limelight, to bask in their glory, not watch the world bicker and complain about something as small as Horse of the Year. I know when I just completed a show, whether the result is bad or good I need time, time to sit back and reflect. I need time to soak up what just happened then come back to reality.

This is what is going on with the connections of Zenyatta. After such a win, such a monumental and historic win, they are going to be left awe struck and numb. Give them time to soak in the reality of what just occurred. Don't rudely shake them from this dream, this wondrous dream, by arguing over something that is minuscule when compared to the vastness of what Zenyatta just accomplished

I am not in anyway saying to drop the Horse of the Year discussion completely or to forget all your thoughts on the matter forever, but just sit back and stop. I have my own opinions on which filly is better or which should get the coveted award of Horse of the Year, but I refuse to talk about them until everything has finally settled down. Zenyatta just climbed to the top of her Mt. Olympus, she has become a mythical figure, so please for just a couple of days forget your favorites, forget Horse of the Year. Lets just stop our meaningless banter and just be glad that we are in the presence of Pegasus.


  1. You can not stop the debate...and remember all this talk about horse racing is good for the sport. Rachel or Zenyatta it will be a great discussion!

  2. It will and is good disscusion, but it is meaningless right now, wait until December. Right now it's Zen's time, and her win should not be lost in the meaningless banter over some award.

  3. I agree...but the debate will never stop. I doubt it will even stop when HOTY is announced! There will always be those people going "She got robbed!"

    And I also find it kind of funny in your blog where you talk about the differences between your reactions when Rachel/Zenyatta run, because I'm the exact opposite! I go nuts everytime Zenyatta runs, but am surprisingly calm watching Rachel.