Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Nations Best 3yr Old Male Is a Sprinter?

I will be one of the first to say this, and I know it will not be of a popular opinion, but the nation's leading 3yr old colt, in thoroughbred racing is a sprinter. He is a silver bullet, he leaves the gate like a rocket and never looks back. His trainer has said he thinks the horse can go from zero to 40mph in two jumps, and has nicknamed the colt the "Beast". If you haven't guessed it by now, this outstanding colt's name is Zensational. Some of you may be say, what, that's not right the name is Zenyatta, and she's an older mare. Nope, there is a colt, out west named Zensational and he is a beast.

Zensational a darker shaded of grey, is probably one of the fastest, if not the fastest horse in training. He has won not just one, or two, but three consecutive grade one races against older males, which is more than any other classic 3yr old has done so far. Baffert is pointing this talented speedster towards the Breeders Cup Sprint. Baffert has had quite a bit of success in this race the last couple of years when Midnight Lute became the first horse ever to win back to back editions of the Sprint, once on conventional dirt and once on a synthetic track.

Size wise, both Lute and Zensational were big strong horses, but there running styles are from different planets. Zensational breaks from the gate, and runs his opponents into the ground, playing a game of catch me if you can, and as of recently, that task seems impossible. Midnight Lute on the other hand was a deep closer, closing from out of the clouds in both his Breeders Cup Sprint wins. Nobody thought that Baffert would ever get another horse like Midnight Lute, until we saw Zensational, who he believes, talent wise is in the top five horses he has ever trained. Lute was included on that list as well.

My question to my readers is, after all he has accomplished shouldn't Zensational at least be nominated for eclipse award winning 3yr old? Think about it the award doesn't say best Classic 3yr old, it says best 3yr old, and guess how old Zensational is, three years old. In my eyes, no three year old male has a resume that could beat his. Summer Bird has the best, with a win, place, win, in the Belmont, Haskel, and Travers, but all were against his own age group, while Zensational has been running against his elders.

Many of you may disagree with this, but I ask you to look ahead to the what if...What if Zensational won the Breeders Cup Sprint this year? Four consecutive grade one victories, all against older males, one coming in the biggest Sprint race of the year. The race seems to be setting up well for him, with several of racing's biggest stars status for the sprint in doubt. If those horses do come, then their form on the Pro Ride is either unknown or is not as good as it is on conventional dirt. Zensational could very well leave his competition flat footed, in both the Sprint, and if other will take not of his accomplishments, 3yr old male of the year.


  1. I could not disagree more. First of all the 3 stakes he has won do not compare to the Belmont and Travers in any shape or form. Secondly, those races were EXCEPTIONALLY weak this year. They were small fields with allowance horses chasing him. Even with a win in the BC Sprint, he has no chance of being 3-year-old champion.

  2. You can have your opinion, i do not mind, no to ppl can agree on the everything. My main point though is the fact that top 3yr old is extremely bias towards just Classic 3yr olds, which isn't right, because i'd be willing to bet if you put SB, MTB, or any of the other top candidates for top 3yr old in a sprint race with him he'd knock their socks off, same as they'd do to him at 9 furlongs or more. Point of the artical, the award should give equal oppertunity to all 3yr olds, not just Classic distance.