Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Next for Buddy's Saint?

Last weekend we saw so much. We saw sweet redemption, we saw explosive upstarts, and unfortunately we saw surprising upsets. Among the upsets we saw Ron the Greek, winner of the LeComte, fall victim to a dawdling pace, that negated his late rush. Others that were promising, heading into the Risen Star, yet were dismantled were Dosselmeyer and Stay Put. The biggest shock of the weekend, however, came in the Fountain of Youth. Buddy's Saint, who had previously headed many Derby lists, finished a tired and defeated ninth.

In case anyone didn't hear about the race, I will get you up to speed. Breaking from the gate, Buddy's Saint got away in good order, and seemed content to let the frontrunning speedsters do battle. All seemed to be going well, until Buddy's Saint was moved inside and was sent through a hole near the rail. Lengthening his stride, Buddy's Saint moved forward without hesitation, but upon entering the turn, the colt drifted out ever so slightly and collided hard with Aikenite. From there it was a game of pin ball, as Buddy's Saint bounced back over into the rail, back into Aikenite, then back into the rail again. After that ordeal, the winner of the Remsen Stakes had little left to offer, never ever mounting any sort of rally.

This, as most of you know, was Buddy's Saint's debut. It was suppose to be an easy race, just to help tighten the screws a bit. The race did anything but help the colt get ready and probably set him back even more. It was the definition of a horrible debut, because not only did he get nothing positive out of the race, but he probably loss a lot of confidence in the process. He went from being unbeaten, to being kicked around like a rag doll, and that is anything good for a young horse's confidence. The question now is, what happens next?

Personally, I would have the colt run in easy allowance or an overnight stakes. An easy race would help boost his confidence back up and give him at least some of the tightening he was suppose to get out of the Fountain of Youth. Without a race, even if he did, somehow, manage to not be mentally affected, he would probably be a short horse come Derby day, since he would virtually be running on one prep race. He is a lightly raced colt, so I doubt one allowance or overnight stakes would take too much out of him, before his final prep, likely to be the Wood Memorial.

Buddy's Saint is without a doubt one of the most talented three year olds this year. He has the build, the raw ability, the pedigree, and may still have the mind of a Derby winner. Giving him a quick confidence boost in an allowance is a very easy fix. As mentioned, it shows him that he still can win and it will keep him from being too short in the Wood Memorial or the Derby. Either way his connections choose to go, I will trust, but this would seem, to me, the best way to fix the mess the nightmare Fountain of Youth created.


  1. Nothing wrong with that idea...I would like to see Buddy rebound sooner than later. BTW, Drosselmeyer and Discreetly Mine were the favorites in the Risen Star with Ron the Greek the third choice.

  2. I think Buddy's Saint was probably the best horse in the Fountain of Youth. His connections said they will give it a week or so to make sure he's OK and then if all is well, they will probably enter him in the Gotham. I agree, getting a quick allowance into him would be a great idea.

  3. Need For Speed RacingFebruary 23, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    The Gotham makes a lot of sense for Buddy - should get a good trip rating behind Sidney's Candy and Tiz Chrome.

    The Wood is loooking very tight - Pletcher might not run Eskendereya back so quickly in the Florida Derby and might instead head east with him for the Wood - then Tood can send Rule in the Florida Derby and give Super Saver the Rebel to Lousiana Derby route.

    If Eskendereya goes in the Wood, and then Buddy's Saint is Wood bound, Jackson Bend is a definite, Tiz Chrome, Super Saver, and Sidney's Candy are going in the Gotham and the Wood is a logical next race for them - not to mention the possibility of Baffert keeping his word and giving Lucky a dirt start before the derby - he has gone in the Wood before. Also, if Conveyance doenst go to Dubai for the UAE Derby - the Wood has been mentioned as an option for him as well - meaning Baffert could have Tiz Chrome, Lucky and Conveyance at least nominated for the wood (albeit not a very likely scenario with at least one likely running in the Santa Anita Derby if The Program doesnt get it done in the Sham). Oh the possibilities!!!

  4. Hey guys, and welcome NFS,

    Todd could run Eskendereya back, but only because he would have a six week rest to train up to the Derby, which could help the colt not peak to early. The Wood even gets half the horses that are expected it will probably be the strongest derby prep this year.


    Thank you. I too think Buddy was the best in the FoY. I was happy to learn he came out of all the bumping and grinding OK.


    I too soon would like to see a return sooner than later. On the favorites, I also take into account fan favorites, and I know a lot were pulling for RtG, mainly because he had that underdog kind of feel.