Monday, November 30, 2009

Zenyatta Day a Zinger!

Last year I missed watching my equine hero Curlin take his final walk around the track, parading around one last time for his thousands of fans. This year I was not about to miss what was to be the swan song of yet another all time great in Zenyatta. Zenyatta was to parade up and down her home track on November 29th, to allow her loyal and dedicated fans one last look at the mare that had captured their heart.

Though I did not enjoy all the long drawn out speeches, I still sat impatiently on the couch, waiting for them to bring out the Classic winner. I had heard earlier that they did not want to keep her waiting in the paddock, since that may give her the thought that she was about to race. I myself thought, it wouldn't have mattered, she is a smart enough horse to know the difference from a race and a work. After the conclusion of the speeches, the cameras turned toward the gap, where only moments later the great Zenyatta entered.

Massive as ever, she trotted back and forth in front of the grand stands, filled with her adoring fans, who held up Girl Power posters to show their support. Though I have never been emotionally moved by the big mare, there is no doubt she has a presence. I don't know if it's her size, her color, that queen-like air, or a combination of all three, but it is there. She had her neck bowed and her ears pricked as she marched around the track.

It was not long after Zenyatta stepped onto the track that a tune so well know by the American nation was played, it was the same that was played during all the movies of the mighty Super Man. Zenyatta looked so big and grand, so powerful and invincible that one would think that if Super Man were to own such a horse, it would be Zenyatta. The part that stunned me most was when Zenyatta stepped into the light of the setting sun. The light illuminated her nearly black coat, giving her a god-like glow, she looked as though she were dipped into a pot of liquid gold. Her rippling muscles, seemed to stand out even more, making her look even more intimidating, even more a super mare. This is an image that I will never forget.

Now is the part where every Zenyatta fan will want to absolutely rip me apart. Even though I love Zenyatta, even though I think everything about her represents all that is great and pure in racing, I doubt her owners' motives. I ask myself why, if she has not been publicly announced as retired, would you parade her around at her home track, as if she were? I personally think it was yet again another effort to push the decision of Horse of the Year in her favor.

As everyone knows last year, in what was supposed to be a tight race for the honors, Zenyatta lost to, the now two time Horse of the Year, Curlin, by a fairly large margin. Many believe the reason for this is because of Curlin's overall bodywork for his season against Zenyatta's. This year, because of the recent Classic win of Zenyatta's, she is involved in yet again another nose bobbing finish, and yet again it is the weight of a whole season over one race. I believe the Moss' took advantaged of Rachel Alexandra's absence, by once again presenting Zenyatta to the fans to keep her biggest win alive and fresh in their minds, while the images of Rachel Alexandra's win slowly fade away.

It is a clever, yet cowardly way of trying to have their mare be a shoe in for the award. As I said, If Zenyatta had already been announced publicly as retired, instead of her retirement being assumed, then I could understand the parade, but her retirement has yet to be announced. Many say the reason why Jess Jackson did not race on synthetics is because he is sore over Curlin's loss over them in the Breeders Cup. Well I think the Moss' are still sore over a loss as well, their loss of Horse of the Year, and are now willing to do almost anything to obtain votes.

I feel sickened and disgusted that such a talented and beautiful mare, such as Zenyatta is leading a PR campaign on behalf of her owner's wounded ego. The state of California also must be sore over the loss as well. After the outcry over the name change of the Lady's Secret to the Zenyatta Stakes, Santa Anita said that it take a Horse of the Year to replace one. Well as far as I know Zenyatta's highest honor is Champion Older Female, not Horse of the Year, which was the title bestowed upon the Iron Lady, Lady's Secret. It is a shame that this year's Horse of the Year voting will be more like a political election than which horse actually had the better season. It seems to me that the Moss' and California know that it was not their mare. It seems like they are intimidated and scared that if the debate is left alone the award will once again slip away, and that is the last thing they want. So while I enjoyed the Zenyatta Day parade, the fact that it was probably tainted with greed takes a bit away from the moment.


  1. I'm mad at myself for missing it, it sounds like it was amazing. She's such a gorgeous animal.
    You may be right about the motives, but I still think it was kind of nice for the fans to get a last glance at her.
    And maybe I'm wrong, but when Rachel retires, I bet she'll get some kind of last walk, or parade, or whatever, too.

  2. It was a great day for all fans of Zenyatta and for California race fans in general. Was it a self serving, attention grabbing, ploy for votes...very possibly. I, like you, find it a little odd that this day would happen before announcement of her retirement and so soon after the BC. I can not blame the Zenyatta team for doing a little campaigning though. I certainly hope that this does not sway any self respecting voter.

  3. "November 29, 2009
    Today Is “Zenyatta Day” At Hollywood Park; Salute To The Undefeated Champion As She Is Officially Retired

    Most get this honor. It was done as much to honor HP, which will be closing soon.

    Not biased one way or the other, both are terrific. However, this was for fans of racing, not just fans of Zenyatta.
    Strange that people who are big fans of racing always have to add that little jab.

  4. Anon,
    Everyone has a favorite, and yes mine happens to be RA, but Zenyatta is still a mare that I like. Your source does not quote the Moss' directly, which is my point, the OWNERS never officially announced her retirement yet. Until they do it is all assumptions. This was not meant as a jab, it is how I feel. I think Zenyatta is an amazing mare and a gift from god, but I think the owners have an alternative motive other than fans and that is to make sure they avenge last years loss, even if it means stealing votes from the rightful winner by using Zenyatta as some political push.

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  7. All the more reason to reduce Horse Of The Year to a scientific and mathematic formula. The Internet is not going away, fans are sharing the info and stats, educating themselves enough to hold accountable sloppy or favoring Eclipse voters.

    I have been keeping a list of sports writers and polls's choices for this award. I'm stunned by the big names swallowing the Kool Aid and spitting out FAIRNESS and 2009 STATISTICS. If my personal favorite, Zenyatta, is crowned . . . a lot of reputations will suffer, in my view at least.

    I care about people too much to come out and accuse the Mosses directly, it may be that there are enough connected supporters to keep promoting Zenyatta on their own. California is very prone to political like advocacy and smooth moves to hype an issue. It would be sad if these owners are just sharing the mare out of the goodness of their hearts and to promote our sport and we slam them in return.

    Eclipse voters - please be fair in making your choice.

  8. LDP I don't really think that person was being disrespectful.

    Actually there is some truth there, that a lot of this fighting or backhanded compliments are really harmful. We need fans that realize just how harmful that is.
    You know really, the derogatory comments are not only harmful, they could be construed as defamatory. Just saying that you have your points but caution is advisable and if you don't want to publish what folks say, don't. But that comment you made? I sort of doubt the person cares too much and it seems a little over the top. Just my opinion, when you invite people to comment, do you only want agreement?

  9. Not much left this year to run the mare in.

    We, in the industry?

    The Owners are some of the most respected who are actually in the industry.

  10. Carl,
    To tells somebody, anybody that fans like them are not needed in this industry, simply for stating their opinion on a matter, whether you agree or not is disrespctful.

    I am actually not looking for agreement at all I'm looking for debate, but not insults. I've seen what unmoderated blogs can turn into and that is basicly a War Zone, and I will not allow my blog to become such. So as I said have your opinions and your angles, I would love to hear them, but you do not need to insult others in the process.

    My opinion of Zenyatta is very high, but, her owner, Jerry Moss to be exact is not. Do I think what he is doing is illegal, no, but his handling of Zenyatta and his back and forth throughout the year has gotten on my nerves. He wants HOTY year off one race, and now is trying to make sure he gets it by marching his "retired" mare around for a "last look" at her.

    Could this just be out of the goodness of his heart, sure. But with the loss of last year's win, the recent renaming of the Ladies Stakes, and now another possible parade at SA at the end of the month, I'm not buying it. It seems like he's running a political campaign for HOTY. If he is, I'm right, nothing we can do, if he's not fantastic, I was wrong.

  11. Well, I can just tell you that I was very impressed with your writing and the story, until the accusation towards Jerry.
    The blogs you speak of, are moderated from what I'm told and everyone on there seems to do their fair share of feuding.
    Truthfully it really isn't helpful to the industry for people who are just learning or like to read up on it, to see a writer questioning an owner when they don't really know the motivation, thought process, planning or actual handling of a race horse.

    If you are real familar with the industry you'll know that this kind of politicking goes on all the time. Jess did it with Curlin and Rachel both. Jerry said if the fans want to take up the banner for Zenyatta as Horse of the Year, he's all for it. To be fair? That started the minute she won the Classic. Lots of us in racing believe that other than the number of races, the seasons were comparable between the two, similar types of competition, ran on different tracks (synthetic are wildly different from DM to HP to SA). What it comes down to is the BC WAS designed as the deciding factor in close races. If you throw it our then you have to throw it out in all categories.
    Horse racing is part promotion, part horsemanship and part business acumen
    Both sets of connections carefully planned their horses races.
    The only thing Jerry waffled about a bit is the Classic. As far as that goes? Trainers and owners usually let the horse tell us what they want to do and what they're ready for.
    How many times have you heard them all say that, including Jess and Steve?

    As far as the renaming of the Lady's Secret? When they decide to do that at a track, that's them capitalizing on something for THEIR benefit, what can an owner do? Gene is dead so he can't fight for LS and Wayne doesn't train in California any longer so his influence isn't there. The current owners are put in an awkward position.

    Also, I myself was a little disappointed to see someone who is as big a fan as you, someone who obviously lives and breathes horses, actually making a statement which is harmful and puts more doubt about our game into people's minds.
    I think that's where that other fella was coming from. Perhaps he/she thought it was disrespectful on your part?

    You have a very promising future in writing, but I'd suggest you try not to be so hard hitting and controversial. You are hurting a wonderful gift you have, a way with words.

    There's already enough bitter, hardnosed, turf writers out there. Hey ask some of them who has the easiest time getting interviews and such. Or at the very least, more than ONE interview with the big players in the game.

  12. Carl,
    I'm going to guess Jerry was the second anon. I won't say which site I think doesn't really moderate their blogs, but all I know is that even though ones on BH have feuding posters the hosts have a limit. Most of them are not tired of the debate, but tired of the personal insults thrown around. Personally I am to, and maybe Jerry wasn't trying to insult me, but the way he worded it sounded as if it was an insult.

    I am merely speculating on the Moss'. I do happen to feel that they are still upset over last years loss and are trying to push their mare to the public as much as possible. JJ did do the parade with Curlin, but my point with him is that he was already publicly announced as retired, where the Moss' have not actually said that Zenyatta is retired. Everyone is assuming she is retired, but as of now it's assumption. Is what Moss doing illegal, no, but I just don't like it.

    Personally I also don't think the seasons of RA and Zen were that close, RA though racing at nine furlongs kept having the bar raised on her in other areas. First JJ ran her in the Preakness, then to prove it was no fluke he ran her in the Haskell. When she proved to good there he ran her in the Woodward to do something no filly has ever done. Personally if RA had lost the Woodward I don't think Moss would have felt the need to run his mare in the Classic. I think the only reason he did that is in a last ditch attempt to win HOTY.

    I think he knows how close the race is though, and because of that he is trying to keep Zen as fresh in the minds of the public as possible, while RA's memory is going stale. This whole blog was not in attempt to me malicious or rude, but to present my angle. I know others who think the exact same thing and agree with me on this. It was not to be rude, but to also try and keep all possible motives in light.

  13. I am the 11:22 pm 11/30/09 Anonymous, not a Jerry, more of a Jenny actually.

    Carl, I've only been posting at this blog about a month- LDP strikes me as very nice. I respect her opinion on the Mosses. I don't know enough about them to make any judgement.

    I can say one thing, I am not that old and I wouldn't stoop to promote (in a sleazy way at least) my MARE for Horse Of The Year. I'm mature enough and grounded enough that I would accept a win based on merits alone. Having dealt with cliques in the show horse world, ect - I would not personally be devastated if my horse was slighted. The vote would be out of my control. The whole Jackson camp is handling this whole process very well I think.
    My point is, these guys are about in their eighties, right? I would think with lives based in showbiz and Forbes 400 business success, that they are probably as laid back about this as I am. Maybe I'm wrong, we tend to judge others by how we see ourselves, and nothing bothers me. If this contest were between two colts it would be different, with money on the line and status to be gained. I would promote a colt to help guard against any voter shenanigans. IF I thought he had rightfully earned the award.

    Another plus for trotting out Zenyatta - the Governator was there, anything to help that ailing state's racing is a worthy endeavor. A Horse Of The Year win sings out that California racing is worth saving (minus the synthetic tracks)

    I like reading attempts at valid arguments for Zenyatta topping Rachel's accomplishments. Not the endless and very lengthy insane rants though. The name calling and the tenor of her fan's has it's origins in the demographics I think.

    Promoting your horse to Horse Of The Year cheapens your horse. Zenyatta may well be the most prostituted mare in America! (said with humor)

  14. No I will guarantee you it wasn't Jerry. He's a multi-millionaire with so many irons in the fire he doesn't have time to take umbrage at something said on a blog, that to be frank, you have to search out. I was just trying to get some different angles on the Zenyatta honor and read several. That's why I was reading.

    If you knew Jerry, you really would rethink this. He's trying everything he can think of to save Cal racing. He's involved in many charities such as the Special Olympics etc and Ann is simply a wonderful lady. They are far and away from being petty or vindictive and while I'm sure they'd love for the mare to win HOY, I just don't think that matters as much to them as what she has done for racing and what she has done for them personally. It's a love affair.
    Seriously, look at what she's done for Cal racing. Created fans that didn't exist a year ago.

    As for the competition and races? Well we'll just agree to disagree, but any number of us who have run against both know that some of the horses both ran against were allowance horses at best. The Preakness was one of the weakest in YEARS. Fact is a lot of the competition would have been kept out of those big races just 10 years ago.

  15. Carl,
    I never said Moss wasn't nice, but even people who are generally nice can be extemely competitive and to be a horse owner you have to be. My point not whether he is nice or mean, it's his trying to turn HOTY into a political race. You say he is doing everything he can to help the track in Cali, which is probably true, but he could've help gain more publicity had he campaigned Zen against males too, but he didn't do that until his hand was forced. So maybe he is trying to do good but at the same time he is protecting his mare and not treating her like a champion. All year he acted like she was made of glasse and waited until the eleventh hour to even say she was in the Classic.

    Also on RA, I never said anything about her competition, I said they took her out of her comfort zone. She beat fillies, they put her against colts, she beat them so they put her against older males. She was put in races that would, if she won would have historians chizzling her name into the history books. Zenyatta did that only once, and that was in the Classic when his hand was forced.

    Could the parade have been to help Cali, yes, but it seems rather convenient to also have Zenyatta out in the public eye, while RA is resting. It just seems to quick, especially when coming on the heels of the renaming of the Ladies Secret.

  16. She was running in the Classic all along.
    The delay was to build SOME KIND of interest in the Breeders Cup which was phlegmatic at best.

    I know Jess, was close friends with a late relative of his. He didn't get to be a Billionaire without being cunning and calculating. He made his fortune in real estate law, but he's a lawyer nonetheless.
    You are wrong about Jess being laid back. If he were he wouldn't be spending 10 million dollars for a finished horse, 4 million for others if he weren't trying to prove a point or for ego sake at least. Jerry paid 60,000 for Zenyatta, pretty decent return. The Eclipse award won't make her any more valuable.

    Jess is pushing 80, Jerry is 74 and both have much younger wives.
    Jess got into the business with his Uncle, Doc Ballenger. Doc partnered up with any number of folks he took a liking to. One of mine included.

    Jerry got into the business with a friend and backer who had a stroke and when asked what he could do for the guy, he told Jerry buy a horse with him. He did so.

    Jerry is in the R&R Hall of Fame, has won innumerable awards inside and outside of racing, the BC Classic and the Kentucky Derby. Jess has not, other than the Eclipses oh and his wine, which he sent some of to the President.

    Frankly the public has nada, zip, zilch, nothing to do with the Eclipse awards (meaningless to most in racing and certainly to the casual fan).

    The Zenyatta fans are no more rude and insulting than the Rachel Alexandra fans. Both groups are out of control and unless you want to try and pay one of the turf writers or Racing Secretaries under the table, the fans have no input on these guys who for the most part, with a few exceptions? I'll just bite my tongue.

    As far as Rachel resting? Well they planned it that way. Bad planning on their part?

    She ran against males that basically could be beaten by several of the girls running this year and most certainly by the runnersup of the Triple Crown races in the past.

    Read up on what Jerry has to say about the meaning of the Breeders Cup to him. Read up on why a lot of us were p.o'd that the race was held on synthetics in the same locale again. Because that event means a LOT to us in racing.

    Personally I don't care which horse gets the award, nor does much of anyone except a minority who likes to argue and think they're important in the scope of things. It only means something to the connections.

  17. You guys don't think Jess Jackson has promoted Rachel Alexandra????
    Didn't promote Curlin??? Wow.
    Rachel was taken out of her comfort zone? Running against one of the worst crops in years, Stone Legacy a filly she whupped is eligble for a NWx2. The weak three year old crop from last year was the older males from this year. On dirt or mud which is her surface of choice?
    Jerry Moss is competitive. Not enough to go out and buy a super horse. Talk about prostituting. Jess paid 10 mil for a horse JUST to manipulate her to win the Eclipse award. (oh he has a partner by the way) At least he isn't as sue happy as he was a couple years ago. But, he has a breeding operation and a farm in Kentucky he has more reason to promote his horse and believe me he's been hyping her for horse of the year since he bought her.

  18. Bruce,
    Was it her fault that the horses she ran against were not as good as in past years? Since when do horses get blamed for the competition they face when they run in OPEN grade one stake? The fact is she won, and had one of the most historic seasons for a three year old filly in these modern days. You mention Stone Legacy, well may I remind you of Flashing who is now a two time Grade one winner. How about Gabby's Golden Girl, who won the Acorn, beating the runner up of the Top Flight Justwhistledixie. RA soon to be 3yr old champion Summer Bird, on mud, which is also his prefered surface. She beat Mine That Bird who was in the best form of his life, after dueling with a record setting sprinter Big Drama. In the Woodward she faced three grade one winners alone, while the rest of the field had at least a grade two to their credit. She beat the best that was offered to her, and did it constantly, whether it by 20 or a head. Before The Classic How many of Zenyatta's competitors had had grade one wins within the last two years? In the Classic how many east coast dirt horses were sent to experiment on a surface they had never set foot on?

    Also, it was not JJ doing the filing all the law suits, he was victimized by it. Also please tell me other than sending out wine, what has he done to promote RA? With Curlin the only thing he did was parade him, AFTER he annouced his retirement.

  19. The same horses you're bragging that Rachel beat?
    Zenyatta beat em worse. Can't have it both ways.
    Those G1 winners? Any other year and they would have been on the undercard.

    Jess was talking her up to anyone who would listen earlier this summer. Every time someone gave a comment on a horse? He was right there with a blurb on what Rachel was doing.
    I don't want to be rude, but really no one outside the game can possibly know the machinations that go on in the game. You all aren't privvy to most of it. The gamesmanship, politics etc.

    I'm not sure if you know that Jess filed multiple lawsuits, most of them were fluff.
    He's a lawyer, trust me, they aren't victimized by anything. He didn't get to be one of the richest guys in the US by being a victim.
    Think you're a little out of your depth here. And even though I admire your love of the game, you just really can't know how it all works unless you're in the private little world we live in.

  20. Well Bruce how in depth are you? Do you know either the Moss' or the Jackson's personally? If not then your as much of an outsider in this issue as I. Do you have a vote for HOTY, have you interviewed or talked to either one of these men? If not you are just as much of an outsider.

    You say Zenyatta beat the horses worse? Well let me see she beat MTB worse, but it is publicly know his distaste for the surface. How about Summer Bird? Rachel beat him by six over mud, his favorite surface. On Pro-Ride, a surface that is not his best Zenyatta beat him by what four lengths. I am no math matician, but I do think six is more than four. Now tell me did Zenyatta beat Flashing or Gabby's Golden Gal? Zenyatta beat two of the horses that RA beat, MTB and SB, every other colt or filly she has never faced.

    You say JJ was talking her up? How? I never heard him brag, but heard him say that we will let her decide when to run and repeatedly stated he wasn't going to the BC. Other than that he said what every owner says when they have a grade one stakes horse, "They're great, I'm blessed to have them" blah, blah, blah. The only he talked up about her was when saying she was one for the ages, and just about everyone important in the industry agree's with him. He never said she would whip the competion, that she would win by daylight or that he pitied the competition.

    Out of my depth, you know next to nothing about me, except from the quick blurb you possibly read on my profile. I am hardly out of my depth.

  21. Yes I know all of them.Yes, I've spoken with them any number of times.
    I've read quite a few of your blogs, as well as your comments on others. You've revealed a great deal about yourself and displayed your personality traits fairly transparently.

    When Jess got her, he WAS talking her up as the next great thing, the HOY etc. To anyone who would listen. Actually it became a bit of a joke on places like Indian Charlie and around the track.

    As far as being out of your depth what I mean is it's very hard to take the measure of a man if you don't know them, only see the public personna. That is unless I misread and you've been in the industry for years and I just missed that?

    No I don't have a vote for HOY, that's left up to those who know them soooooo well. Turf writers and the racing secretaries who undoubtedly benefit the most from a horse being HOY, hyping THEIR tracks and THEIR statkes races.

    But, I was trying to discuss it, caution you about calling out very powerful people on a public blog, just like a couple others have done.

    People who aren't open to learning? Will soon lose interest in the thing they proclaim to love. But, carry on. I'm not campaigning for either horse and I don't really care who wins or who loses. Neither of them are mine, neither one winning or losing the HOY will have a lasting impact on racing. Favorite Trick was one of the more controversial HOY's and I bet 90% of the people fighting about this couldn't tell you what he did after winning the award or what fate befell him.

  22. Now, now, now, Bruce, I resent your insinutions about lawyers. Jess Jackson being a lawyer is not a point in favor of him being "cunning and calculating". I doubt you have any idea what most lawyers even do!

    About this debate, I think the fans (Bruce and LDP included) care a lot more about the outcome than probably anybody else out there. However, I do find it interesting that Jackson has remained completely silent as of late, when the other side has not. It's quite a role reversal, and makes me think the latter learned from having the award, frankly, snatched away from them last year.

  23. That wasn't me who said he was calculating and cunning.
    That was Anonymous who said he or she has known Jess since IB Ballenger was around and as I recall, that was in the 60's and 70's.

    I said he wasn't victimized by anyone. That he's a lawyer and a very bright one who would never be victimized by anyone when it came to law. Especially regarding the farm he bought in Florida, since he was a real estate lawyer.

    Really, I don't give a dang who wins HOY. Could care less. Doesn't improve the horses value in my barn, or the ones I own. Doesn't do that for anyone. They don't run and say hey one of my great grandfathers grandson's sired a HOY, I better run faster. Doesn't work that way. I'm a fan but it's also my business.

    I'm just like a lot of people who kind of don't like to see people speaking like things are fact when they're just speculating. Like Carl said, the story was uplifting and something racing could really use until the accusations about underhanded promoting of Zenyatta was brought up.

    If you love racing, you try to avoid speculating about that kind of stuff. However, it permeates the world nowadays. People have a need to qualify things, 'out' people or try to find a way to tear successful people down. (ask Tiger Woods).
    I can pretty much tell you that Jerry doesn't care what someone outside the game, who obviously loves the other horse, is saying about him. He'd be very diplomatic. He's been very complimentary of Rachel Alexander, only saying he wasn't chasing her around the country.
    He's been in the game for nearly 40 years and has always been on the up and up.
    He and Ann love the fans and are super to them always. If this mare doesn't win HOY? He'll still love her and so will Ann. Then they'll move their attention to the next hopeful. I say anytime an owner loves a horse enough to specially pick out names and name them after friends then they have a deeper connection than the person who goes out and buys finished horses.

    By the way anon? I know all about lawyers, some of my family and best friends are lawyers, some of my clients are lawyers.

  24. They're tired of the debate. One asked people to NOT talk about it, but some, and you all know who you are, just wouldn't let it go. Despite his pleas and that of others posting.

    I thought this was about Zenyatta and her antics, her day of honor, then it became a not so nice indictment of Jerry Moss. Sort of like when you rent a movie and suddenly realize you shouldn't be letting the kids watch it.

  25. Anon #3,
    I said nothing that was off the wall rude, and I did honor Zenyatta. I was not rude about Jerry Moss, merely stated what honestly goes on in real life. I never said he was rude, mean, stupid or anything, and that is what many on here aren't getting. All I did was observe than said what I thought. I'm a writer and a blog host, no matter what, to make a blog sucessful I need to be contreversal. All I said about Moss is that I think he is trying to promote his mare to try and make sure he keeps her in the public eye so she has every shot to win HOTY. Hollywood was supposed to be a "good bye", yet she is not retired officially, and they are going to parade her at SA. Yes, I'm sure they are great people, but that does not make them above trying to win extra votes by parading around Zenyatta like she's retired. It is there right to, just as it is my right to have an opinion and be able to express it, and personally I don't like what I think they are doing.

  26. Big difference between what a person who has no connection 'thinks' someone is doing and what they really are doing.

    When the mare is retired what will you say? Issue an apology?

  27. Anon,
    I never said she wasn't going to be retired, but if she is it's going to be after, most likely HOTY. All blog writer "think" it is some of their jobs to think and to be contreversial. It is not absurd to think what I think, especially when I have those who AGREE with me, are you going to call all those who dare agree out as well? My problem is that they are parading her BEFORE she is retired and even though they had said that HP would be her last, they are parading AGAIN at SA. As far as I know SA isn't in any REAl fiancial crisis, like HP is. They aren't about to be bulldozed to the ground like HP. Everything they do is pointing to them trying to make sure they keep their mare in the public eye. As I said there is nothing legally wrong with what they are doing, as well there is nothing legally wrong with me THINKING and not LIKING what it APPEARS they are doing.

  28. Santa Anita is for sale. SA is owned by a company in bankruptcy, about as bad as it gets financially as those of us out in the real corporate world know.
    A judge is orchestrating the sale of SA, the same way they did Lone Star.
    ALL of Cal racing is in the crapper.

    The mare is retired (read the newest BH article). They're taking her to the tracks that she has had her best races on, SA, Hollywood Park was her home track.

    What you are doing, borders on defamation, if anyone cared to pursue it. Freedom of speech? Ask the tabloids that have been sued.

  29. Glenn I did read the artical and did not see them mention her retirement, though I could have missed it. I did not know about SA, but that does not change my opinion that they are trying to get some extra votes. Like I said before, it's convenient that they can help tracks and at the same time keep their mare in the public eye, which would keep people's memories fresh to her, giving her a few more votes.