Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Story: Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Ever since Midnight's eye catching maiden win the phone was ringing off the hook, at Living Legend Stables. Offers for Midnight were coming from all over the world, sheiks wanted him, some of the best stables in Europe and Japan offered to buy him. One stable in particular offered up to three million dollar for him. Even through all of this, Nick was confident his mother and father would never sell their prized two year old, not after the potential he had just shown.

Almost a month had gone by since Midnights maiden win, and he'd recovered from the race wonderfully, and was now on schedule to run in the Grade one Champagne Stakes, which was only week away. His last few works had give Nick and his parents every indication he was getting better and better. His last work he had gone five furlongs in one minute flat, galloping out strongly in a minute and thirteen seconds. His next and last work was scheduled tomorrow, where he would have a quick blow-out of three furlong.

Nick stood in front of Midnight's stall, while his father, Brad, spoke rapidly into his cell phone. Brad had been distracted the last couple of days, either talking on his cell phone, or running of to some last minute meeting. At first Nick had thought his father was just annoyed by all the offers for Midnight, now he was starting to wonder was it something more.

Nick stroked Midnights crooked blaze thoughtfully, "What could he be up to boy, huh? What do you think?"

At that moment Brad came up behind Nick, and for a few moments stood there, quietly, thoughtfully, watching his son whisper to his horse.

"Nick", he said almost in a strong, voice," We have to talk.

Nick turned to Midnight again rubbing his head before walking away with his father.

"What's going on dad?" Nick asked nervously, not sure he really wanted to hear what his father wanted to say.

Taking a deep breath, he answered, "Nick, I had to sell 50% interest in Midnight."


  1. AHA!! I knew there would be sellage, I knew it!

  2. Lol, Wait until you see the next one tonight.

  3. He is not headed to Dubai is he???

  4. No, i would never let any of my imaginary horses go to that place, unless they were to win the World Cup.