Friday, September 11, 2009

Something New

For these last few days, I've been quite busy, but also I have been inspiration less as to what to write about. Now I have finally found out something to write about, Zenyatta's next possible race. Many people expect Zenyatta to run in the Lady's Secret, another stakes race, which will probably be against a watered down division of California distaffers. People have show distaste for the fact that, earlier in the year Jerry Moss said he would like to do something different with Zenyatta, but has yet to do so. People on other blogs have been urging the Moss's to think outside the box, and try something new, much like Rachel Alexandra has been doing this year. Now for once I will actually defend the Mr. Moss, somewhat, and say just sit back and see what he does. Many think he will go to the Lady's Secret, but if you look, there is another race that same day that might just appeal to Mr. Moss, and that is the Goodwood Stakes.

If you look at the pros and cons to each race, the Goodwood to me stands out the best. For starters the Lady's Secret is only 8.5 furlongs, and if anyone remembers, that was the distance of Zenyatta's last start, the one she came only a head away from her first defeat. The Goodwood, on the other hand, is 9 furlongs, a whole half a furlong longer, which means more distance for Zenyatta to uncoil that long stride of hers. Another thing for that race is that you might see a faster pace, especially if Mast Track, Tres Borrachos, and Rail Trip show up, where as if you have a field remotely close to the one in Zenyatta's last, the pace will be much slower compromising her closing style. Normally I would say that Zenyatta would be up against it, when competing against these colts, but she will be getting weight, instead of giving it, like she would in the Lady's Secret. Lastly, this race is where she ran her fastest time to date at 9 furlongs, going the distance in 1.46.85. The Goodwood to me would be the perfect time for Moss to spring a surprise, and try something different.

Another option, is the Beldame, which, if Zenyatta goes to, would be the only possible way, in my opinion, that Rachel Alexandra would run again this year. Though Rachel would be the toughest foe Zenyatt will have ever faced, it would give the fans the race they've wanted all year, a replay of Personal Ensign and Winning Colors. The Beldame, again, is 9 furlongs, and though it is a one turn race, the turns at Belmont are wide sweeping turns, allowing Zenyatta ample time to make her run, and only be a couple lengths off of Rachel by the top of the stretch. Another plus is the purse, which is now larger than the purse for the Jockey Club Gold Cup, that is if both horses show up. Also, Zenyatta's owners have said before Zenyatta prefers dirt to synthetics, which is also scary considering how good she looks when running over synthetics. Lastly the NYRA has stated that they will eliminate the detention barns, since that was Moss's initial complaint. The only con I see with this race, is the fact that a round trip from Cali to NY back to Cali, might be too much for Zenyatta, with the Ladies Classic just five weeks after.

After considering everything the option i would choose, and think Mr. Moss, will end up springing up on the entire racing world is the Goodwood stakes. Everything in that race, as far as I can see, adds up perfectly for her. Is it tougher competition, yes, but she'd have a track she likes, a good pace, and extra distance. Also the Goodwood could also be a gauge to see just how good Zenyatta is against the boys. If she wins dominantly, I could foresee a Breeders Cup Classic in her future, which could give her a very strong argument for Horse of the Year. If she wins, but does it like she did in her last start, then she could always end the year in the Ladies Classic, which would probably be a good race in it's own right, considering you'll have Seventh Street, Music Note, and Stardom Bound. If she were to end a season like that unbeaten, she would toss that asterisk, of being a very good distaffer, who could've been great, but never to any real risks to verify her greatness. So I say lets just sit back and see what Mr. Moss decides. Lets see if he will take this chance to make some history with his superstar.


  1. You make a good point about the Goodwood. I'd like to see her have at it. I'm one of the few, however, who does not care to see a Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta matchup because I think they are both great horses and I enjoy watching each of them.

  2. Hey Celeste,
    yeah, i know there are a few that don't wish for Zen and RA to match up, i don't mind either way. I put that part in for the Beldame, because i think the majority of the racing publice does want to see them run against each other.

  3. Excellent idea on the Goodwood, I think they do need to try to do something different if they want Z to be looked upon as an all-timer. I agree with all your points but one...I do not see any scenario in Zenyatta's last two races where she could wrestle the HoY title from Rachel.

  4. There is no way for her to get HOTY away from RA. She would, have to win both the Goodwood and Classic, and even then she probably won't do it.